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Join(self, data, options={})

This class targets the following objectives:

  1. Quantization of input linestrings if necessary
  2. Identifies junctions of shared paths

The join function is the second step in the topology computation. The following sequence is adopted:

  1. extract
  2. join
  3. cut
  4. dedup
  5. hashmap


  • data : dict

    object created by the method topojson.extract.

  • quant_factor : int, optional (default: None)

    quantization factor, used to constrain float numbers to integer values.

    • Use 1e4 for 5 valued values (00001-99999)
    • Use 1e5 for 6 valued values (000001-999999)
    • Use 1e6 for 7 valued values (0000001-9999999)


  • dict

    object expanded with

  • - new key: junctions
  • new key: transform (if quant_factor is not None)



Convert the Join object to a dictionary.


Join.to_svg(self, separate=False, include_junctions=False)

Display the linestrings and junctions as SVG.


  • separate : boolean

    If True, each of the linestrings will be displayed separately. Default is False

  • include_junctions : boolean

    If True, the detected junctions will be displayed as well. Default is False